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I love animals. A lot. Especially rats, ball pythons, nightjars, rainbow boas, peregrine falcons and harris hawks.
I volunteer at a wildlife charity where I help treat orphaned, sick or injured wild animals. I also volunteer at a bird of prey centre where I train and fly hawks, falcons and owls. Falconry is my passion and I love it to pieces.
Because I adore reptiles so much, I thought I would share my passion with more people and then everyone can see how weird I am...
And my bearded dragon, Gomez and hand raised wood mouse, Tilly. I've also recently taken on an imprint tawny owl, Freddie, whom I love to pieces.
I want to breed ball pythons when I can and conserve British wildlife as a job. I'd also like more raptors, but obviously I need my own house with a massive garden for that! It may be unusual for someone to have these interests, but it's just who I am and what I love.
If you follow me, I will check out your blog - I always follow back.
Feel free to ask me anything whatsoever, and I will answer (normally privately) - I will do my best to give all the advice I can on any reptile or other animal-related issues or queries.
Also, all of these photos of animals are 100% real and have not been edited to make them look as beautiful as they are! Also none of them are owned by me other than the ones of Gomez or otherwise stated!

Thanks for looking and enjoy!


Crocodile Print Pointer